الكتاب الثاني عشر: رواية “secret” للكاتبة جود داڤورو


Nothing special about this novel and all I’m not a big fan of romantic novels. “Secrets” is the kind of novel you read when you are bored and want to spend a peaceful weekend thinking of nothing. The novel tells the story of Cassie Madden who has been in love with Jeff since she was 12! After graduation she looks for him and works in the same nursery his little daughter goes to. She then learns that he is a now widower “so typical ha! * Later, Jeff hires her as a nanny to his daughter. The romance is intermingled with a mystery as we discovered that Jeff is actually a CIA agent ! At the end of novel, as expected they get married and we discover that Jeff loves Cassie all along and was keeping track of  her whereabouts since she was a kid…pervert 😀  The novel is not bad as a book to pass time, but not as a book wherein you could analyze characters or even serious idea.

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