الكتاب الثلاثون: ديوان “Love and Misadventure”  للكاتبة Lang Leav


This is the first poetry e-book  I read in this year. I was on my way to Riyadh, I forgot to bring any book with me, so I decided to buy randomly from Amazon. This poetry book has a good review, so I said why not….but, I end disappointed !

The book is not that bad, but it is not written for a reader who is into poetry ! I am no a poet myself, but I love reading poetry that intrigues me to think, contemplate and analyze! I was not looking for reading rhyming lines and experts from a teenager’s diary ! I don’t have a problem with whiny girls writing about their heartbreaks and all their love experiences, but this should stay in their diaries. I don’t mean to sound like mean. But really this book doesn’t sound like poetry at all. It sounds more like Taylor Swift’s songs:)

I hate it when girls are submissive ! And I hate it when they are so dependent to the extent that a seventy old woman is stronger than them. Yes, rejection, loneliness, nostalgia are hard, but this does not mean you should act like a hopeless case. This what this book makes feel. Girls are hopeless, miserable creatures. I know it is a poetry book, but a good poetry book – for me- is the one that makes close it feeling anew…simply having a catharsis !

I teach English, so I would only recommend this book for my students who wish to develop their reading skill ..simple vocabulary and easy to understand. Otherwise, no don’t waste your time.

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