الكتاب الأربعون: كتاب ” The Customer is Not Always Right” للكاتب A. J. Adams


Another humor book! This book is composed of hundreds of funny stories about customers who ask weird, sometimes stupid, questions or who do some weird things at supermarkets, bookstores or other stores. The stories in this book are all public submitted stories. ( You can read them in a online in a website with the same title…and maybe add a story yourself!…I did!)

I was sitting next to my mother and reading the stories to her and laugh together. It really has some HILARIOUS stories. Weird people are all around the world…some do the same stupid things 😀 While reading this book, I told my mother, I hope I will never do something stupid and one day find my story there 😀

With this book, I guarantee that you will be amazed at what people say or do. You will laugh your head off. Definitely recommend 🙂

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