الكتاب التاسع والثلاثون: كتاب “Why do men have nipples? للكاتب Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg


This humorous book is composed of hundred of weird questions that layman wants to ask, but sometimes doesn’t dare because “well this is what I feel” doctors would laugh at them. Those are really weird, yet serious questions which need to be answered so we would rest assured:)

I chose to read this book when I was having flu and all those weird questions were in my mind ! Well, it was a brilliant idea …because the book really did answer many of my questions! The authors divide the book into different chapters; each tackle a group of related questions…for example there was this chapter about old wives’ tales, wherein they discuss old myths “many I used to believe in LOL”.

Still, though the book is funny, it is very educational. It also clarifies many of the misconceptions and medical myths that most of us believe in them. I really learned many things..for example, why our teeth chatter when we feel cold !

I read this book in one setting, it was a good break from all this much hatred going around in this world…and definitely a break from the fever that burning me !

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