الكتاب الرابع والأربعون: رواية “Nothing Last Forever” للكاتبة Sidney Sheldon


This novel recounts the struggle of three female doctors to survive in their work where men dominate the job. During the time they were appointed, the doctors were all men, and they were the only women doctors there, so they had to prove their capacities as doctors. These doctors are Kate Hunter, a black- determined woman with a traumatic past; Betty Taft, the plain daughter who was born into a great family of very successful members; and Paige Taylor, a bright and attractive woman. These three doctors live together and spend most of their time together,too.

The novel opens with the present time where a disaster happened to the three doctors. As the novel enfolds we learn about the past of these three doctors and how their past effect their present. Kate is murdered because she was encouraged by Betty and Paige to play along with the prank one of the doctors wanted to play on her. Betty misdiagnosed a patient and was about to lead the hospital to be shut down. And Paige is arrested on the suspicion  of murdering one of the patient to get his money.

The novel may show that women are not adequate to men. And that medical practice should be limited to men who can handle the job. But I believe the novel proves completely the opposite. This is not just a drama or thrill novel, but a novel shows what does it mean to be a women in this world. Women struggle in this world to prove themselves to everyone. We should not do that, we should only strive to be successful and fulfill our dreams without the need to prove anything to anyone. They don’t need to believe we are capable, our deeds should be enough and if they find it not enough, it’s their problem not ours. We should work and live happy without the need to push ourselves so hard to the limit. We should enjoy our lives…to the limit.! The novel also shows how we should not ignore our past, but to use it to build our present and future.

I loved this novel. It really has a great plot and its narrative is captivating. I believe it will make a great film ! Bottom line, novel is recommended.

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