الكتاب الخامس والأربعون: رواية “Just One Day” للكاتبة Gayle Forman


The book tells the story of Allyson, an American girl, who met a European boy, Willem, while she was in Europe in a vacation with her friend. She got attracted to him from the first sight.! Later that day, she attended a play performed in the park, where Willem was performing. She didn’t get the chance to talk to him that night, but next day, she accidentally met him in the train heading to London. They talked to each other, and he asked her to go with him for a day to Paris. She did go with him there wherein they spent a day enjoying several activities and that night they express their emotions to each other. But when she woke up next morning she didn’t find him anywhere. And she went back to London, believing that he was playing with her emotion. After returning to America, we met Allyson in the college where she was totally changed. She is no longer that fun, bright girl. She spent her days sleeping and her grades are poor. She couldn’t get over her love to Willem. But then she was encouraged by her academic supervisor to register in other classes instead of her current courses. She did and enrolled in a Shakespeare class where she met a guy and her condition improved. Encouraged by this friend, she decided to travel back to Europe to search for him. After traveling through different countries, she finds him in Sweden and everything happened that night explained.

Well I hate it. Stupid plot, stupid dialogue and same typical boring character. The only thing I loved about it is their interest in theatre and plays.

Definitely not recommended.

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