الكتاب الثاني والخمسون: كتاب ” Practical Guide to Racism” للكاتب Sam Means


A Practical Guide to Racism is a 2007 humorous satirical book written by Sam Means. The book revolves entirely around stereotypes associated with different races: Blacks, Asians, Arabs and so on. In each chapter, the writer discusses one race and discuss the stereotypes associated with them in a funny way. The book is satire, so he presents his ideas in a comic, satirical way. If you are sensitive don’t read this book, because the language is offensive sometimes….it’s satire after all. The book is really funny and shows how ridiculous racists are. He points out to the absurdity of the racial stereotypes we hear all the time. As a satirical book, the writer exaggerates those stereotypes of course to add to its funny elements. He added a chapter to Merpeople 😀

I enjoyed reading the book. But there are some mistakes, I’m not sure if the writer is conscious or ignorant about them? Though I don’t think he is ignorant about them since he is a Professor of racial studies. The mistake was in the chapter about Arabs. He lists Afghans and Iranian as Arabs and they aren’t. The book is really good one, it’s not only for fun, but it teaches you the truth behind some of the stereotypes you might think as true. Totally recommended.

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