الكتاب الخامس والخمسون: رواية ” The Island” للكاتبة Elin Hilderbrand


The book is set on the beach, narrating the story of four women: Birdie, the mom; India, her sister; Chess, the bright child daughter, who broke up with her fiancé and who then died in an accident; and Tate, the geek -used to be tomboy-younger daughter. The four of them head to the family beach house, which is accessible only by boat and thus the perfect place to get away from the world. During their time alone in the Island, we learn more about their lives…their pain, sorrow, happiness and joy. They share their stories and seek consolation from each other. It is a story of love, longing and loss. It is a story of sisterly love and parental love. It is a story of the unfulfilled dreams of women…which could be fulfilled. The characters’ mixed emotions and reactions is one aspect of the novel’s realism. But the characters seem stupid and naive ! The mother and her sister are in their 50s and the daughters are in their 30s and they all behave like they are teenagers ! Too bad.

The novel didn’t appeal to me. It is boring. The story is typical and the ending is so much predictable. Nothing in the novel encourages you to complete it ( though I did !). Not recommended.

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