الكتاب الثامن والخمسون: رواية “The Best of Me” للكاتب Nicolas Sparks


The book tells the story of two school sweethearts, Dawson and Amanda. He comes from a family who is known for their criminal background while she is the daughter of wealthy family * typical* They separated after her family asked her to choose between college or him, she chose him, but he refused to let her destroy her life for him. While they were friends they used to meet at the house of an old man Dawson used to work for him. After 20 years, this old man died and he asked his lawyer to ask both Dawson and Amanda to be at his funeral…he wanted the old lovers to meet again ..duh. They did meet but they are not reunited as she went back to her husband and family and he died in an accident and his heart is transplanted to her son ! I think the author wants a shocking twist at the end, but well it is stupid honestly.

I love Sparks’s novels, but this one comes as a disappointment. Really stupid plot, especially at the end and with the old’s man plot to reunite them. It is neither believable nor compelling….come on! this is not real life.!  The best part in the novel is the characters. They are well presented and the display of their emotion is good, other than this, the novel is really not worth it. I wonder if Sparks himself liked what he wrote.


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