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الكتاب السادس عشر: مذكرات “Graduates in Wonderland” للكاتبتين Jessica Pan & Rachel Dale


I bought this book thinking I will read about the struggles and obstacles as well as the fun experiences the authors went through after graduation, but this is not what I read ! The book is more of “Hey read about my flings! Read about how many guys I have slept with.!” Just through half the book, I began wondering….what the heck is that I’m reading ! This book really makes me hate Jess…like literary hate her. Maybe it is just the culture, but I found it really disturbing how in almost all her emails, she is talking about a new guy she slept with! On the other hand, I liked Rachel’s character…I found that her wonderment and bewilderment are genuine. Her experience relates to most of the newly graduates who really find it hard to know what to do and where to go. Her emails are really true and honest….and fun, too.! Not like Jess, Rachel’s involvement with guys is her way to find love…to find someone share her something. I enjoyed reading her part very much.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy the book at all. It is not what I expected. Honestly, it is silly. Jess sometimes sounds like a teenager. I think if Rachel just put her own story alone with more details of her experience, it would be more fun and profound.

Not recommended.

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