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الكتاب التاسع عشر: كتاب “The bookshop Book” للكاتبة Jen Campbell


This book takes the reader in a journey visiting hundreds of indie bookstores around the world. The book is divided into different chapters, each is devoted to one continent. The longest chapters are dedicated to Europe and North America. In her book, Campbell describes these independent bookstores and gives a glimpse of their history. Not only that, she includes several short interview with different authors, asking them about their favourite bookstore and what their bookstore would be like if they open one. The book also provides the reader with interesting bookish facts and enthralling stories about different bookstores around the world. The book is very fascinating as it gives the reader also some pieces of wisdom concerning the importance of reading and books. This paragraph is one of my favourites

Today books for me means looking at the world, learning about it, seeing it through the eyes of others. They are a brilliant device for shape-shifitng, as we can slip into the skin of authors from other times, other cultural backgrounds, brilliant minds who give us a new perspective on life and the world – something we all need from time to time. Books gives us the unique chance to talk to the dead, listen to their stories, use their words as a time machine, a flying carpet to faraway lands. Books make time and space meaningless; they give us witty and wise companions; they teach us that our worries and fears are shared by others -and they us words for what we sometimes cannot express.

However, I am a little disappointed because the writer didn’t dedicate much to Asia. She doesn’t mention one bookstore in the Arab world although it is full of antiquarian, independent bookstores. I think she is supposed to include them as the title shows that it is a history of worldwide bookstores. Still, this doesn’t undermine the greatness of this book. On the contrary, it is one of the most interesting books I have ever read ! I cannot wait to visit all those beautiful bookstores featured in this book.

Totally recommend.

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