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الكتاب التاسع والعشرون: كتاب “An Alchemy of Mind” للكاتبة Diane Ackerman


As Francine Prose wrote, this book is ” A love song to the brain.” After reading this book, I fell in love with my mind 🙂

In this fascinating book, the author tackles the topic of “mind” from different angels. This book is not pure science, but rather combines history and art in order to illuminate the mysteries of the human brain. It explores the workings of the mind and attempts to explain the meaning of memory, emotions and dreams among many other concepts. The book is divided into several chapters, each discusses a set of related topics. These chapters are written beautifully in an accessible prose. Including stories from her own life or other people, the author was able to deliver her book successfully. In the beginning I thought it would be a difficult read, but as soon as I read the first pages I fell in love with the book ! It is not just that it is unchallenging, but it is a very gripping book. * Thanks for the tweep who recommends it !*

The book urges the reader to think more about their minds. It also helps them to understand several complex concepts related to the mind. The author is a poet, so no wonder that the book is written like a poem dedicated to the mind.

Do I need to say “it is recommended?” 🙂

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