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الكتاب الثامن والعشرون: رواية “Necessary Lies” للكاتبة Diane Chamberlain


A tale of sorrow and joy…of cruelty and humanity. Necessary Lie is a slice of life. Like my recent reading, Orphan Train, this book also documents for a different era of the American history…the Eugenics Sterilization Program. This ill famed program destroyed throughout the years the lives of many young men and women in the name of charity! It doesn’t serve those in need, but actually it only serves the sick plans of those in charge and their supporters.

The writer dives inside her characters to reveal the workings of their hearts and minds. She shows how some decisions may change our life completely…but they are worth it…they are what makes us humans. It also explains what does it entitle to be a young woman living in such a complex world. Everyone of us should stand to what she believe is right. We should never forget our humanity and what we truly are.

The book’s ending proves that not all happy endings are boring or cliche. The ending of this book is brings tears to my eyes. I loved Chamberlain’s style and language. Her prose is compelling. The plot of the story itself is captivating..many characters and different lives are intertwined…each influence the other. This is a piece of life.

Totally recommended.

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