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الكتاب السادس والثلاثون: كتاب ” Dream New Dreams” للكاتبة Jai Pausch

unnamed-2What a waste of time ! A pointless book. I could come up with only two reasons behind her writing this book…I want to be famous…I want money! There is nothing wrong with wanting the two…but one deserve them when they actually do -or in this case write- something ! This book adds NOTHING to the reader. I’m a daughter of a cancer fighter and I know exactly what does it mean to be a caregiver to a cancer patient. Pausch creates from every single incident a dramatic episode! She sounds fed up with her role…she whines and whines in the book like a little baby seeking attention. I couldn’t sympathy with her at all. Actually she disgusts me when she complains about everything as if she is the only sufferer in that situation.  When she turns her simple eczema to a BIG problem, I was really laughing…what the heck. When she talks about how she approaches the topic of dating to her “little kids” she sound ridiculous, apart from her oldest kid, her daughter was too way little to understand this…and she makes it sound like this kid understand what does this mean…while a three year old hardly can remember her daddy.

I can’t believe how could a person complain this much about caring about a beloved . If I could do it again and care of dad, I would have never hesitated for a second. Yes it was difficult to be a caregiver, but to remember that you relieve a tiny bit of their pain is worth it. I know that she wants to show that the caregiver suffers as much as the patient and we should sympathize with them…but the way she presents her idea is just ugly.

I really hated this book…and it is my number one -for this year-in my  HATE-POINTLESS-BOOKS list. She is a drama queen..

Totally not recommended.

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