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الكتاب الأول: “Me Before You” للكاتبة Jojo Moyes


My first read for this novelist, and it is absolutely a great start. The ending was a shock as I was honestly expecting the boring cliché of most romantic novels! But no, this is not a romantic novel; this is a novel of determination, bravery and true love. Moyes discusses a sensitive issue, tackling it from a completely different perspective. She shows that how we are all different, and how what we find as acceptable, other cant. We are not the same, and we should not impose our choices on others; we should stop being selfish. Moyes shows that true love means supporting by all means and at the same time offering our beloved ones the chance to decide for themselves. As shocking as it is, I found that Will’s decision understandable. Yes, I will never agree to it, but I know what does it feel to be deprived from your life, from carrying on your dreams. It is frustrating to continue living while you are just sitting watching your life slipping in front of your eyes. Yes many of us could find alternatives and be more productive than they were before sickness or whatever that that changed their lives, but others cant…just cannot. Maybe some will think this is cowardice, but I don’t think it is.

However, what I like most about the book is the way Will changes Lou. I can relate to that. Lou is really a bright girl who didn’t recognize her potentials. Sometimes we encounter some hardships in our lives that put hold to all our dreams, plans… it maybe simple things like a harsh word, a gesture ..but as I mentioned not all of us are the same. Some of us would change forever; they may think they are really not worth the life they were dreaming of. This is what happens to Lou, after one incident, she thought that she better leads a mundane life away from everyone…forever living in the shadow. Lou teaches us to look at everyone equally; because someone who is working as a cashier, a security guard does not mean that they don’t have dreams like the rest of us. All Lou needed was someone to believe in her, someone to love her the way she is. Even the strongest of us need sometimes a nice gesture to encourage them to do better. We are weak humans, no matter what a brave face we are putting on. Sometimes, like Lou, we try to convince ourselves that we are content with our lives, but deep down we aspire for much, much more. It is just fear of failure, of reliving in the shadow that hold us back. I believe that Will did Lou a much greater job than she did to him – although what she did is undoubtedly tremendously amazing.

Anyway, I don’t believe that Lou fell in love with Will. Having found someone care about her, push her to know herself better makes her think that this is love, especially knowing that she was settled for 7 years with what she thought was a true relationship with Patrick. Yes she cares about Will so much that she was prepared to sacrifice her life to convince him not to go with his decision, but this is not what loves about. I could not be convinced reading the 400 pages that she is really in love with him. We all know what love feels, and what I read does not have the slightest resemblance to love. Well maybe that is what makes me love this book more. Knowing that I am not reading another book that distorts the beautiful image of friendship and love.

Totally recommended.

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