تحدي القراءة ‏٢٠١٦

الكتاب الثاني: The Nature of Love: Plato to Luther للكاتب Irving Singer



I bought this book thinking I will read about a complicated philosophical issue in a layman language, but no, I ended up more confused! The book is good, I mean I found many chapters interesting and easy to comprehend, but for the most part I was totally lost. The book is not for someone with little background in the philosophy of love. I was looking forward for this book, but I was disappointed. In the middle of the book I contemplated giving up, but well this is against my life’s principle: You have to finish the book! I think it would be great for someone specialized or have an entire year dictated to research about each difficult topic in the book. The problem is I bought all the three volumes and now I am not sure I can attempt reading the second and the third !

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