تحدي القراءة ‏٢٠١٦

الكتاب الواحد والعشرون: رواية “another day” للكاتب “david levithan”


This is a sequel of “Everyday.” Comparing the two? Immediately I will say the first. This book is good because only I want to know what Rhiannon was feeling about all this. Did she really love A or not? How did she process the whole situation? But as a stand-alone book I don’t think it is enjoyable. For someone who read the first book, well I enjoyed it, I loved Rhiannon, and it was kind of a break from travelling from body to body and instead read about the astonishment that seizes her each time she meets A. I rated the book 5 star when I read it months ago, but I guess now I will just give it 3 star, as this sequel adds nothing to the first part. But as I said earlier I only wanted to read about Rhiannon’s feelings and well it adds in this a little, although I expected to read more about her reaction/feelings, etc. but such in depth presentation was not there. Anyway, despite being a big disappointment for many (I’m not one of them…at least for now ) if there is another sequel for the book, I would definitely read it.

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