تحدي القراءة ‏٢٠١٦

الكتاب الثاني والعشرون: رواية “The Husband’s Secret” للكاتبة Liane Moriarty


The book opens with Cecilia’s discovery of a letter written by her husband indicating that it should be open only upon his death. This is the first dilemma, Cecilia faces. how long anyone of us would hold before opening such a letter? In her case, we wait for almost 160 pages before Cecilia opens the letter and her life changes forever. All husbands and wives have secrets; well at least this is what I believe 🙂 But in My Husband’s Secret the secret of Cecilia’s husband is not any ordinary secret, it is a life-changing secret.

The book has three intertwined stories and plot twists. For me, the power of the book lies in its compelling characters. Those characters relate to us, they are our friends and neighbors. Although the book revolves around Cecilia’s family, all the secondary characters are well developed.  One cannot put the book aside once they started. Yes the book is a thrill, but this shouldn’t overshadow its themes. The book presents a moving portrait of what love means on the familial and marital levels. It also discusses how life can be destroyed because of a misunderstanding or an uncalculated decision. The book also presents the themes of sin, guilt, redemption and forgiveness and how decisions on those matters shape our lives.

When I read the book, the most persistent question in my mind was what would I have done if I were in Cecilia’s shoes? What would have happened if she had not read the letter? What if. What if…. all those “what ifs” makes us wonder about our lives and how they change..And how we wish that there was “if” to return something back or to change it into something better.


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