24 November


Some people come into our lives to prove to us that life is still beautiful, that there are things we need to do, things we need to enjoy and that no matter how life is hard, we have to stand up and fight back.

I met Maha few years ago through a friend of mine. I don’t consider her a friend, but a treasure. I don’t open up to people easily, I don’t even like close relationships with anyone, and I prefer keeping to myself. But with Maha, things were different. She was my “Park”! She was talking endlessly about books she loves, films and lyrics she enjoys! I read all her recommendation and enjoyed them ! That was the first thing I loved about her ! Here is someone shares my passion! She introduced me to comic, YA , fantasy ..and makes me feel better talking about my guilty pleasure 🙂
We love the same books, the same characters, and share the same quotations ! The moment she falls in love with something, she will share it with me… force me to love it…yes you remember your Hamilton? 😛
When  I’m down, she doesn’t text me saying that everything will be fine, she just texts me a book title or a series to watch…the magic that can lift my spirit.
Few days ago she said I want to write 20 facts about myself, I told her that was not enough! Because she is like one of those exciting books, that you can’t just feel tired reading and knowing about.
Are we going to be friends tomorrow, next month, next year? I don’t know. But I’m sure that I’m blessed – as everyone else who knows her- and I will cherish our friendship forever.
I can write forever about her, but I will never be able to say how much our friendship means to me.
Happy birthday Mahoshy.  Wishing you a happy year full of great books, sunshine, “rainbow” and love ! A year where all your dreams are fulfilled…and if they didn’t, who cares? you are still young, you still have a life ahead to fulfill them !
Happy birthday Mahoshy ..Happy 29th birthday..stay fabulous 🙂 


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