الكتاب السابع والعشرون: رواية “Too close to home” للكاتبة Susan Lewis


I understand that the writer tried to approach two sensitive topics “bullying, infidelity,” but the book was a disappointment. Not only it does not tackle these two topics thoroughly, but also its dialogue was boring, and its characters weren’t well-built or developed. I thought I would read a new kind of bully/cheating story, but no..that didn’t happen. The whole book lacks a core, it was less than even a cliche.  I completed the book till the end because I wanted very badly to give it a chance, but well it still disappointed me. Why the two stars? well those stars because the only part that I found good about the book is how divorce can affect children, and how in the mid of all that, children might get harmed.

Not recommended.

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