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الكتاب الثلاثون: الرواية المصورة “Nimona” للكاتبة Noelle Stevenson

Nomina is my my first graphic novel read ! I wasn’t thrilled to read it in the beginning but after my friend’s, Maha, recommendation I decided to try it…and guess what I love it ! It is definitely a good experience as I dive both in the word and picture worlds simultaneously. Nomina features a heroine -Yay!- rejecting the stereotype depiction of girls as weak. Nomina’s adventure is interesting and the story doesn’t follow the typical storyline of most adventure stories.

What is more interesting about this novel is its humour. Nomina and her friend are teasing each other all the time, but they are never angry at each other. Whatever they express, they care so much about each other. Throughout this battle between the good guys and the bad guys, Nomina attempts to reveal the true self within us.

Totally recommended !


P.S. Thank you Maha 🙂

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